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About us

The Association “Bambini del Danubio” was founded in Trieste in 2004. Its aim is to facilitate access to medical care for ill children coming from impoverished families of the Danube and Balkan area.



The Association sponsors medical care for poor children, helps families with socio-economic disadvantages and collaborates with other non-profit organizations to make health services accessible to all.


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About us

The Association “Bambini del Danubio” was founded in Trieste in 2004. Its aim is to facilitate access to medical care for ill children coming from impoverished families of the Danube and Balkan area. As well as incurring the expenses of surgeries and medical care, it offers logistical support to the family members who accompany the children during the therapy. Over the years, the Association has extended its range of activities in order to assist also children coming from Africa, South America and Asia.


Our mission


  • Sponsor medical care for poor children
  • Help families experiencing social and economical disadvantage
  • Collaborate with other Associations to make health care accessible to all


Scientific Committee


  • Prof. Dr. Alessandro Ventura
  • Dr. Meta Starc
  • Dr. Marco Rabusin
  • Sergio Balbinot
  • Nada Carli
  • Roberto Coppa
  • Klaudia Hermine Krizek


Board of Directors


  • Sergio Balbinot, President
  • Klaudia Hermine Krizek, Vice President
  • Roberto Coppa, Secretary





> Medical care

Bambini del Danubio provides support to children coming from disadvantaged families who suffer from diseases which cannot be cured in their home countries. Since its foundation, it has taken care of a number of children suffering from severe diseases (malformation and orthopedic surgical diseases, solid tumors, leukemia, chronic and rare diseases): to treat them, several hospitalizations and surgeries have been necessary, as well as long months of therapies.

The Association collects and selects the requests, evaluating the most adequate healthcare setting, and it accompanies the young patients throughout their recovery path, from the first contact to the solution of the problem. In addition to incurring the expenses of surgery, the Association provides drugs and home assistance, covering all housing, food and travel expenses for the child and the person who is with him, as well as providing the assistance of a cultural-linguistic mediator.

Bambini del Danubio currently collaborates with twelve countries and six healthcare settings, both in Italy and abroad, in order to provide the best cures.

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> Social Interventions

Since its foundation, Bambini del Danubio has been committed in the field of socio-economic interventions to support the Friuli Venezia Giulia families which living in disadvantaged conditions and suffering from social outcasting.

The Association is active in many areas:

  • accommodation for homeless people
  • economic support for bills and rent
  • economic support for daily essential expenses
  • counseling and psychological support.

The most recent and most important project for sheltering homeless people started thanks to the collaboration with the Community of San Martino al Campo.

Bambini del Danubio purchased a property and entrusted its management to the community’s personnel, which has been using it as a shelter for homeless people.

The intervention allowed to double the accommodating capacity of the facility as well as offering long-term assistance.

Economic support to provide for bills and essential expenses is addressed to families experiencing severe financial difficulties in the Trieste area. The Association is committed to protecting the minors’ right to have a home, a proper education, access to a healthy diet, adequate clothes and everything necessary for personal hygiene. In order to achieve this goal, all the funds are not given directly to the families in need, but are managed and monitored by an operator of the communities which follow these cases, in order to give life to an educational process that goes beyond economic context.

A fundamental role is that of psychological support: qualified operators coming from other organizations are committed to ensuring support to the people and families who have to face situations of severe social degradation. Counseling sessions aim at educating adults so that they can carry out their roles as parents properly, protecting the minors’ innocence and providing them with everything they need.

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