Medical Care

Gentrit D.  – nato giugno 1999

Gentrit è diventato un Bambino del Danubio dopo essere stato abbandonato da un passeur, poiché ammalato. Il ragazzo kosovaro soffre di un complesso tumore che fatica a rispondere alla chemio. Avrà bisogno di un intervento chirurgico piuttosto invasivo a carico del fegato.Read more

V.G.C. – 2 years old

V.G.C. is a 2-year-old child, who was hospitalized following tubercolar meningitis. His condition was serious: altered awareness state, signs of intracranial hypertension, blindness. During the convalescence, as well as a specific antituberculosis and cortisonic treatment, a permanent liquor drainage to peritoneal ventricle was carried out and the child healed progressively, retrieving also visual functionality. TheRead more

E. – 14 years old

E. is 14 years old and suffers from a severe form of chronic osteomyelitis to the right femur, which results in the right leg measuring 12 cm less than the left one. She walks using crutches or she uses a wheel chair. She arrived in Italy accompanied by her aunt hoping one day to beRead more


M. was suffering from chronic thrombocytopenic purpura, an autoimmune disease characterized by thrombocytopenia due to a peripheral destruction of platelets. She arrived in Italy, accompanied by her mother, to confirm the diagnosis and define the correct therapy. The pediatricians of the Burlo Garofolo hospital studied the case and determined that the pathology had healed byRead more


B., whom we assisted in 2007, comes from Kosovo and was born with a malformation to the urinary apparatus, for which he underwent nephrectomy when he was only one year old. Thanks to our intervention, B. made huge progress. The child, who has always been very collaborative, followed a process of functional habilitation, learning toRead more

P. -15 years old

P. is a 15-year-old Serbian boy who was perfectly healthy until recently. One month ago he was hospitalized at the Belgrade hospital following a severe, sudden dilated cardiomyopathy associated to cardiac failure. The seriousness of the pathology meant that P.’s only chance to survive was given by a heart transplant. We transfered him at onceRead more

E. – 4 years old

E. is a four-year-old child with a record of recurrent respiratory infections and abdominal pain, related to gastroesophageal reflux, at the Tirana hospital. The child was reliant on pharmacological therapy through drugs which inhibit the production of hydrochoric acid and he was suffering from collateral damages coming from this therapy (gastric polyps). After the diagnosisRead more

11-year-old child

We incurred the expenses for the hospitalization and cure of a 11-year-old child with a chronic condition that damages a portion of the left lung. He had already been treated with antibiotics without a complete solution nor diagnosis. The child arrived at the Burlo Garofolo hospital for a diagnostic and therapeutic analysis: the medicals highlightedRead more

B. – 8 years old

B. comes from Kosovo. He was born with a malformation to the urinary apparatus: he underwent nephrectomy when he was only one year old. In order to compensate for his severe functional deficit due to the malformation, surgeons had to operate a cystostomy (a surgically created connection between the urinary bladder and the skin). AsRead more

G. – newborn child

G. was born in Romania in 2007 with several malformations, worsened by a severe infection. After a tough delivery, after 20 hours of life, he weighed only 1200 grams and was transferred in helicopter to the Capital to undergo urgent surgery. He underwent a long surgery overnight and it saved his life. Four months laterRead more

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